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The Bentbit group has expertise in database programming conversion and integration. This group is unparalleled in their ability to port data generated from the iLearnNetwork framework to other database systems or to proprietary reporting modules.


3435 South Yosemite Street Ste 100
Denver, Colorado, 80231

Syntes Language Group, Inc.
Language Interpretation,
Localization & Consulting Services

The Syntes Group is a quality and customer-oriented firm providing translation, interpretion, localization and consulting services to a wide range of corporate, professional and government clients around the world.

They believe in being the best at what they do. They also believe that customer service is as important as the high quality of the services that they deliver.

That is why iLearnNetwork uses Syntes for all of our translation requirements. We can count on them when projects are straightforward and problem-free, but also when it really counts: when deadlines are tight or almost impossible to meet, when there are several change requests throughout the duration of the project, and when development of the original materials is off-schedule.


Syntes Language Group

7465 E. Peakview Avenue
Centennial, CO 80111
1.888.779.1288 toll free


AVCOM Media Production
Video Production/Post Production Services

Since 1962, AVCOM Media Production has offered its expertise in Audio/Visual communication to numerous industries.

Its complete production capability offers audio/visual product development in Video, Film, Audio, DVD and Internet & Multimedia based communication mediums.

  • Concept Development
  • Creative Writing & Storyboarding
  • Videography / Film / Photography
  • Product Packaging - Layout & Design
  • 2D & 3D Animation Development
  • Multi-track Audio - Recording / Editing / Mixing
  • Video Editing
  • Music Composition
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • DVD Authoring
  • Audio, Video, DVD, CD Duplication

AVCOM Media Producdtion

88 Inverness Circle East, Suite F106
Englewood, CO 80112
tel: 877-288- 6430

  CODA: Incorporated

Pre-mastering is the first step in the replication process. Supply us with your data and we will create a pre-master in PC, MAC or Hybrid format.

Quality Media Replication
Replication is the actual art of pressing CDs. Starting with polycarbonate pellets and finishing with fully metalized CDs with data imprinted on the CD. CODA is Colorado's Direct CD Manufacturer!

Our CD replication system uses specialized injection molding and finishing technology to produce outstanding CDs. The systems are capable of producing more than five million compact discs per year.

Each CD-ROM title has a glass master that is stored in the vault so reorders are fast and easy.

CD-R duplication has become a favorite for clients needing smaller quantities. It's perfect when you need to distribute a large amount of information to a small number of people. CODA: Inc. can provide these quick turn, short runs to meet your immediate needs. Silk-screened discs, thermal printing or adhesive backed labels are all available.

CD Business Card
Looking for a unique way to promote your company? CD Business Cards can be cut into many custom shapes and sizes. Digital content can be up to 180MB, and has loads of advantages in attracting attention.

CD Audio & Video
Whether you have audio or video material, we work with sound studios and mastering houses to help you lay down the tracks and content.

Are you ready to move to DVD? CODA: Inc. can handle DVD encoding and many types of video & audio conversions.

As your organization requires DVD-R media for content distribution, look to CODA: Inc. to handle the job. Although DVD-R is more suited to smaller runs, we handle orders of any quantity.

Diskette Duplication
Floppy diskettes continue to be an important information distribution format. Our services at CODA: Inc. include high-speed, high capacity duplication and custom label printing. We use Trace 3020 equipment to copy diskettes. Each track of your disk is verified throughout the entire production process to ensure the highest quality duplication.

VHS Duplication
Coda: Inc. provides our customers with the highest quality videotape duplication available. We use only top quality blank tape. VHS tapes are replicated in clean environments, which gives you the clear image you desire. Design work for VHS sleeves, packaging, and labels can also be provided by CODA: Inc., by using experienced designers that have respected references in the Graphic Design industry.

USB Flash Drive Branding
Accessing and transporting data has never been easier with USB Flash Drives! Just plug the drive into your USB port, and transfer, store and share your pictures, videos, music and data, all in a compact size that fits in your pocket. Have your USB Flash Drives branded with your corporate logo. Give Coda your master copy and we'll duplicate your data too!

  CODA: Incorporated
7374 South Eagle Street
Centennial, CO 80112

Toll Free: 1.888.699.9952
Voice: 303.680.1101
Fax: 303.680.5611