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The dedicated individuals behind the iLearnNetwork™ represents the core of why our client's needs and goals are consistently achieved. Our executive team brings many years of experience across a host of vertical markets, including software, medical, airline and presentation industries.

  E. Bjarne Blume   E. Bjarne Blume
President & Vice President of Content Development & Co-founder

E. Bjarne Blume, Senior Vice President, Director of Technology Bjarne has experience in a variety of industries and technologies, including aircraft flight training, certified medical education systems, all stages of video and multimedia content development.

Bjarne first came to national attention when he produced a video training tutorial video on Microsoft Windows. In 1994 he formed his own company to provide software and hardware integration solutions for the multimedia industry. In 1998 he merged his company with a video-training production facility to form AVCOM Media Production, expanding that company into the medical, industrial, and communication markets.

With co-founders Plantell and Dearborn, in 2010 Bjarne started iLearnNetwork™, a versatile Internet-based multimedia content delivery system for the information and education industries.

  Kennet F. Plantell   Kennet Plantell
Senior Vice President of Client Project Services & Co-founder

Kennet is a multimedia industry pioneer with over 48 years of experience. Since 1962 he has been involved with film (still and motion), video, animation, multimedia and many associated fields that are intertwined with this industry.

In 1962, Kennet recognized the advantages of the audio-visual medium to create a pilot-qualification system for the airline industry. Kennet supervised a team to produce and maintain over 550 airport qualifications programs for worldwide distribution.

His knowledge of how to take real world ideas from clients and port them to the media world is paramount in our company operations.

  C. Blake Dearborn   C. Blake Dearborn
Senior Vice President of Software Engineering & Co-founder

Blake is very diverse developer, delegator and communicator. His programming skills are unparalleled, with extensive experience in database and programming languages including Action script, ASP, Visual Basic, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Microsoft Access, MSSQL, MySQL, XML / SOAP and ODBC. His experience spans across multiple development projects for a variety of companies.

He has been instrumental in implementing and directing development for the iLearnNetwork framework. His philosophy has become the essence of the our company. This philosophy includes consistency, portability, reliability, scalability and simplicity in the implementation of the iLearnNetwork system.